Short list, 2017

We are in the final stretch for this year’s OPLbery Club. The club members have chosen their six final books. Voting is January 19.

Here are the books:

See You in the CosmosInsignificant Events in the Life of a CactusJoplin, WishingOrphan IslandBeyond the Bright SeaGreetings From Witness Protection


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So many great new books!

We’ve begun a new year in our OPLbery Club. We’ve got some new members and lots and lots of new books! You can see all the books we’ve added on our Pinterest board.

We are having our second meeting tomorrow at 4:15. Any kids in grades 4-6 who are interested, please let us know, or stop by tomorrow to check out our meeting.


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Skyping with Claire Legrand

OPLbery book

On Friday afternoon, May 19th, the OPLbery Club members spoke with author Claire Legrand via Skype. Claire’s book, Some Kind of Happiness won the 2017 OPLbery Medal.
We showed Claire the OPLbery Medal on our copy of the book and she was delighted. Then she talked about the process of writing the book and “the story behind the story.” Many of the characters in the book are based on people that she knew growing up. The setting was also based on her grandparents’ real home. The OPLbery members asked her a lot of questions which she cheerfully answered. We felt very privileged to be able to have this experience. Thank you Claire Legrand for taking timClaire Legrande to Skype with us!skype visit

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A New Year Begins for the OPLbery Club

clair legrand flyer

The 8th Annual OPLbery Club will have its first meeting tomorrow, May 18, at 4:15. We hope to be welcoming back lots of old members, and we’re looking forward to welcoming new members.

This year, we begin with a very special treat: a Skype visit with last year’s winning author, Claire Legrand! Claire’s book, Some Kind of Happiness, was one of our few unanimous choices.

Please call or stop by the Children’s Room if you are interested in joining. Click on the FAQ link, above, for more information.

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And the winner is…

Some Kind of Happiness, by Claire Legrand! The OPLbery Club voted unanimously on January 13 to award the 7th annual OPLbery Medal to Some Kind of Happiness. The kids loved this book.

An OPLbery Honor was awarded to Counting Thyme, by Melanie Conklin.

We will begin a new year, our 8th, in the spring. Check back for more information. Or let us know if you are interested in joining, and we’ll let you know when we start.

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The final five!

These are our final five books for 2016! The OPLbery Club will choose the medal winner in January.

Here’s what club member had to say about these books:

The Best Man
“You felt like you were there. I was sad when the book ended.” (Allie)
“Loved it!” (Chloe)
“About people to look up to.” (Mary)

Counting Thyme
“Original.” (Chloe)
“I loved that she had a goal.” (Bailey)
“You really knew what was going on.” (Allie)

Nine, Ten: A September 11 Story
“Very well portrayed.” (Mary)
“I really liked it.” (Allie)

“I loved every part of it.” (Allie)
“I felt like I was inside the book.” (Sofia)
“I loved it. It was exciting.” (MJ)

Some Kind of Happiness
“My favorite book ever. Suspenseful, emotional, felt real.” (Autumn)
“I really liked it, especially the ending.” (Mary)


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OPLbery 2nd short list

We’re getting closer to OPLbery Award Day (January 13), and we’ve got our book list down to seven. Here are books that are still in the running:

Nine, Ten: A September 11 Story: SoarCounting ThymeThe Inquisitor's TaleSome Kind of Happiness: The Best Man: Sting:

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