Neversink by Barry Wolverton

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When owls threaten the puffins’ way of life on the small island of Neversink along the Arctic Circle, Lockley J. Puffin, helped by a hummingbird and a walrus, set out to save it.




I don’t think this book lived up to my expectations. The synopsis of the book on the back cover states that Neversink is “a fast-paced, funny novel about survival, friendship, and fish”. The comedy in this book…well, I think it was added as an afterthought. Imagine you’re baking a cake. You’ve done all the steps, and you’ve had it in the oven for about ten minutes when…gasp! You realize you forgot the eggs! You hastily pull the cake out of the oven and throw some eggs on top. When the cake is done, you pour frosting over the eggs, hoping no one will notice. In this scenario, the eggs in the cake is the comedy in this book.
Fortunately, the author did a better job with developing the setting. In this book, Neversink is the home of puffins, hummingbirds, and a large walrus. The conflict of the book is simply that the inhabitants of Neversink are in danger of starvation, and the author did a good job of portraying this important aspect of the book. However, I cannot say the same about the characters. All you get is that Ruby is feisty, Lockley cooks fish, and Egbert is fat and wise. Then your characters are off to save Neversink from the new Parliament of Owls. Good luck, my underdeveloped friends!
This isn’t to say that the book’s story isn’t good or the topics aren’t interesting, simply that the author had more important things to get to. Perhaps he thought the development of the characters and the comedic value wasn’t as important as the novel itself. Personally, I rate this book a 6 out of 10. It’s all right, but that really isn’t good enough to win the OPLbery award this year.

Neversink is an okay book, but it definitely shouldn’t win the OPLbery. It is about a weird bird called a puffin, a walrus, and a hummingbird whose island is taken over by an evil owl who is after their eggs and fish. This book is interesting enough, but the plot can be a bit random at times. All in all, this book isn’t that great.

The characters are puffins, owls and walruses. The story is written by a walrus. The setting is on an island called Neversink. I thought that this book went too slow and the story the author was trying to tell was hard to imagine, and because of that I didn’t finish the book. Therefore I think this book should be taken off OPLbery.

The book Neversink by Barry Wolverton is a book that I expected to enjoy, but instead it was just a giant rainbow bombshell. This book has only one fatal flaw, and that is, TOO MUCH DESCRIPTIVE WRITING! Honestly, a book can only be so descriptive until it gets boring. This book made me want to pull my hair out. The book actually becomes decent towards the end, but it doesn’t fully redeem itself. This book seems to go on and on about little details and made me want to tell Barry, “Just get to the point!!!!!!!” I do not recommend this book to anyone unless they enjoy powering through piles of describing paragraphs to reach a semi-decent ending. I know this is a very critical review, but IT’S THE TRUTH!

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